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Beautifully designed custom homes set overlooking 8 acres of high-yielding paddy fields. Fruit trees. Vegetable gardens. Huge open spaces. All you’ve always wanted in a forever home and some more….

Anugraha Srishti is a holistic living commune. A space that offers you the serenity to nurture your passions, lead a life close to nature, have control over the food and water you consume, engage in physical activity and have ample opportunities for unadulterated fun.

From traditional architecture and landscaping that invoke a sense of nostalgia to modern day conveniences that enhance your life without disrupting the environment, we have put a lot of thought into every single element in this beautiful space. Step into this lovely oasis and you’ll be able to easily see how you can lead a life that is enriched with happiness, health, vibrant joy and abundance.

Set in Vaduvucodu, a scenic suburb of Kochi, you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Clean water, unpolluted air and a lush green landscape help you recharge every day. Its strategic location means you can enjoy a serene living environment yet commute easily to the main hubs of activity in Kochi, Kakkanad and Aluva. Holistic Living needn’t be a retirement plan or a pipe dream. Say YES to the adventure of a fulfilling life today.

Amenities that redefine the good life

Club House and Event Centre


Natural Swimming Pool

Co-operative Farming Options

Water Sources

Potable Water Sources

Amenities Home

Farm to Table Experience Centre

Social Life

A Fulfilling Social Life

Types of Homes

Orma (Nostalgia)

Authentic Tharavad style homes constructed using architectural wisdom and practices rooted in the tradition of the land. Homes that will transport you in time, evoke feelings and memories that will foster a strong emotional connection.

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Impam (Delight)

Homes that are traditional in spirit but peppered with modern materials in ethnic designs. These abodes evoke nostalgia yet are rooted in the present. They are a delightful amalgamation of traditional wisdom and modern practices.

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Pratheeksha (Hope)

These homes borrow from traditional wisdom yet have their gaze firmly on the future. They are a creative, playful architectural interpretation of an abode that inspires hope in all generations.

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Come Home!

Smell the earth. Run across the fields.
Watch your paper boats dance in the stream.
Perch yourself on a mango tree. Go up in a swing.
Make your taste buds sing again
with an age-old recipe, cooked with ingredients from your farm.

Watch life go past in a gentle rhythm.
Lie on your verandah at night listening to a nostalgic melody
Feel the soothing cool of the night air as you drift to sleep.
Come home every day to the life you deserve. Come Home to Anugraha Srishti.