Green Box Construction

Green Box Construction

Preserving the natural layout of the land and creating structures that blend into the topography has always been a priority for us. Our lifestyle communes use a staggered method of construction that helps our layout evolve organically with time. This means we first create basic infrastructure, have a model villa for aspiring residents to get an idea of the architectural style of the houses and start building homes that are custom designed for our clients needs.

At Anugraha Srishti, we decided to adopt a Green box method of facade to use while a home is being constructed. This will mean the aesthetics are preserved and the construction doesn’t disrupt the beauty of the commune.

So what is the Green Box method?

  • We use a stainless-steel frame that is of the height of the building that is coming up
  • Geo-textile material like coir is used to:
    • Act as an absorbent for dust
    • Be a base for flowering creepers

As a result, you have a beautiful facade with flowering plants that functions as an aesthetics feature while trapping construction dust. Parts of the facade can be retained post construction if you wish to.

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