Holistic Living Commune – Concept


Clean, Unpolluted Air. Pristine Environment with nice breeze and air flow. Herbs and flowering plants add a pleasant natural fragrance to the air.


Natural sources of potable water. Region has high water tables. Rain water harvesting and Grey water recycling ensure conservation. The natural swimming pool and lotus pond add to the beauty of the landscape without disturbing the ecology.


Wholesome nourishment through organic grains, fruits and vegetables grown on the property. Provisions for rearing fish. Self-watering vegetable garden powered by recycled grey water attached to every home.

Thermal Comfort

Significant reduction in indoor temperature even on a hot, summer day. The traditional roof pattern and openable sections in the roof act as hot air escape routes. Vernacular architectural elements like roof overhangs, long verandas, clay brick construction and courtyards enhance thermal comfort and reduce dependence on air conditioning.


Solar Panels on rooftops of every home to harness the energy from sunlight. Provision to connect back to the power grid. Architectural elements like skylights and well positioned windows and doors ensure ample sunlight within the homes.


Traditional wisdom has helps us create homes that are high on comfort, ideal for the tropical climate and retain their beauty for years to come with minimum maintenance. The traditional sloping roof pattern allows rain water to slide away easily during the monsoon and the openable sections in the roof allow hot air to escape keeping the interiors cool during summers. The use of traditional materials and architectural elements induce a sense of belonging and nostalgia.


Windows and sliding doors are designed to bring natural breeze inside. Mosquito meshes are standard which allows you to leave windows open. The half window structure ensures you can let the cool breeze flow in even while keeping rain out during monsoons.

Biophilic Design

(a revolutionary design trend that focusses on the human connection between nature and the built environment):
  • Innovative concepts like plant curtains, indoor gardens, vertical creepers on outer walls and arches of flowering creepers at the entrance blur the line between the indoors and the great outside.
  • Skylights ensure daylit interior spaces.
  • Enjoy the outdoors from long verandahs or step into streets lined with native trees, indigenous flowers and medicinal plants.
  • Natural water sources and open spaces that allow percolation of rainwater to create a sense of calm.
  • Low-impact development with panoramic vistas of green paddy fields.
  • Winding pathways and hidden archways that awaken curiosity.

An environment that reduces stress, enhances creativity and clarity of thought and promotes wellbeing in the true sense.