Farming is a major component of the Anugraha Srishti lifestyle. Access to good food and water, we believe should be a basic human right. No life can be luxurious if our nourishment needs are not met.

Today, a lot of us have the innate desire to engage in cultivation and grow our own food. We are unable to do this because of several practical issues like access to land, time, costs and the lack of know-how. At Anugraha Srishti, we give you all the facilities you require to experience and engage with the food that goes on your plate. Your family can now discover the joy of growing your own food without necessarily having to engage in heavy labour.

Growing your own food

We have 2 acres of high-yield paddy fields that are being cultivated and managed by us since the last few years. This means, you get access to a working system that includes labour and machines. Also, the property comes with its own water sources which are conserved and maintained diligently.

Coconut trees line the outer periphery of our paddy fields. Adjacent to that, we have vegetable beds to grow seasonal vegetables. Fish farming, poultry, cattle shed etc are all part of the plan for the community farming initiatives.

The property will have a farming division with expert help and resident participation. Apart from these community initiatives, each home will come pre-fitted with a self-watering fruit and vegetable garden powered by a grey water processing unit.

Farm to Table experience

Apart from the satisfaction of growing your own food, you also have an opportunity to experience the whole life cycle of your food from the farm to the table.

At our experience center “Annam” overlooking the paddy fields, you will get a unique opportunity to witness rice being boiled and processed. The center will also have a huge dining table where you can bond over food and experience the joy of community dining.

The experience centre will also have a traditional oven, like the borma. You can make bread, cook meats and multiple other items. So, this is an area that can be used for community cooking. Altogether, it is a complete experience that we believe will reconnect you to the food on your plate.