Ownership Experience

Ownership Experience

Building a home is one of most exciting experiences in life. We delight in helping translate your vision of the perfect place to live into reality. Right from our first conversation, we go to great lengths to understand your personality, lifestyle, requirements and sensibilities to ensure we create a home that is uniquely yours.

Customization of every single detail

Dream Big! Share every little detail you have ever wanted in your home. Let us work together and create a special, unforgettable place you can proudly call home.

  • Choose a plot
  • Share layouts or pictures of homes that excite you
  • Tell us what kind of garden you would like to have
  • Debate on different floor plans
  • Choose lighting
  • Get custom built furniture
  • Tell us about antiques and art you would love to have

We encourage you to reach for the stars because we’re confident we’ll make you happier than you imagined.

Quality and integrity

Whatever be the type of home we build quality and integrity are never compromised. From sourcing the best materials to using skilled labour and associating with master craftsmen, we do everything it takes to ensure that your homes are a source of joy for years to come. The greatest testament to our commitment has been the number of customers who come through referral and homeowners from our other properties who trust us to build their second home.

Maintenance Support

We offer maintenance support not only for common facilities but also for your homes and gardens so that they stay beautiful and efficient for years to come.

More than just a home….a self-sufficient holistic lifestyle community

When you choose to build your home at Anugraha Srishti, you also have access to an attractive viable alternative lifestyle that brings together the best of individual independence and cooperative living. Cooperative organic paddy fields, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, cattle sheds and poultry coop are all part of our vision for farming and self-sustenance activities. The non-profit farming community initiatives and farm to table experiences will be run by a board of directors together with the residents. A community kitchen with a traditional oven, common dining areas and large open spaces encourage meaningful interactions and create opportunities for a rich and fulfilling social life.