Our homes deliver exceptionally not only in terms of aesthetics but also on sustainability. They are highly energy and resource efficient, affordable to maintain, fit perfectly in their site context and are an absolute delight to live in.

When you own a home at Anugraha Srishti, you also become part of our holistic lifestyle commune. You will be transported back to an era where holistic living was the natural way of life. Growing your own food, breathing fresh air, leading an active life, nurturing your passions, having fun with your loved ones and connecting with people around you; you will be able to do all this and more without it being a chore.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainability is not an afterthought. Right from the choice of building materials to construction techniques and design, every aspect of our structures and spaces are an ode to sustainability.

Preserving the natural layout of the land: We have used the hilly terrain of the property to ensure spectacular views and unobstructed airflow.

Solid Brick Construction: Our high-quality clay brick construction uses minimum cement resulting in passive cooling. The outer structure ages beautifully and requires lesser maintenance.

Ventilated Roof design: Traditional ventilated roof design allows hot air to escape for better thermal control and cooler interiors. This will help reduce dependency on air conditioning.

The traditional roof-overhang pattern: This is ideal for the tropical weather. It allows rain water to slide away easily during the monsoon and allows hot air to escape keeping the interiors cool during summers.

Verandahs: The long verandas bring the gorgeous outdoors in and also help in controlling indoor temperature.

Open Spaces: Untiled open spaces to enable water percolation and control storm water runoff contribute towards an increased water table level.

Conserve water bodies: Preservation of water source on the property

Renewable energy generation

Solar Panels: Solar panels to generate renewable electricity.

Waste management

Composting: Better waste management and manure for plants

Rainwater Harvesting: For water storage and sustainability

Grey Water Processing: All homes come equipped with a grey water processing unit that converts all your grey water into nourishment for your fruit and vegetable gardens.

Building a Self-sufficient Community

Ethnic Flora – Fruit-bearing trees and ethnic flora for sustainable landscaping and nourishment needs

Paddy Fields – Community paddy fields for a sustainable food source

Vegetable Beds – Grow seasonal and regional vegetables organically

Fish Pond – Fish farming and aesthetics go hand in hand