The Anugraha Srishti Advantage

The Anugraha Srishti Advantage

Green, Eco- sensitive Architecture

Our homes are climate responsive, self-sufficient, ecologically sensitive and inspired by tradition. Apart from the satisfaction of leaving a much smaller ecological footprint, you will also enjoy better air quality, natural light, temperature control, synchrony with the outdoors and noise insulation.

Our sustainable structures also have aesthetics that complement the natural environment they are in. The use of vernacular architectural elements like roof overhangs, long verandas, clay brick construction and courtyards enhance living comfort and reduce dependence on air conditioning. Your homes are also better shielded from rain and direct sun damage, which means they’ll look great for years with minimum maintenance.

The presence of natural water sources together with energy conservation measures like grey water treatment, rainwater harvesting, and solar power generation ensures sustainability and self-sufficiency for years to come.

Signature Aesthetics

We believe that with Anugraha Srishti, we are building homes for the future. Homes that harness traditional wisdom, use renewable materials, suit their socio-environmental context, yet make a huge impression with their aesthetics and functionality. They effortlessly combine sustainability with contemporary, modern, state of the art designs. Being eco-friendly, doesn’t mean that you’ve to skimp on style or compromise on comfort. You’ll be amazed by the range of materials, textures and styles possible. From the grand entrance with a tall wooden gate that hides this oasis, to our signature green box method of covering new construction and the science behind our self-watering vegetable garden, these structures are far from dated. They are a promise for a better, more beautiful and fulfilling way of life.

Designer ethnic tiles, wooden ceilings and glass panels add character to the interiors. Insect repellant nets with wooden frames keep you protected. What is more, we offer interior design consultation, décor elements and even build custom furniture from responsibly sourced wood on site. This means every item in your home is unique and built for your needs.

Serene yet Accessible Location

Far from the madding crowd, Anugraha Srishti is set in the scenic suburb of Vadavucodu. The approach roads to the property are well tarred and lined with trees. You can feel the serenity of Kerala’s outskirts here. The virgin soil and the highlands ensure uninterrupted flow of air, great water tables and a peaceful atmosphere.

The land is set on hilly terrain and the paddy fields attached to the property ensure rainwater is drained completely giving it great protection against flooding. The location is very strategic and is accessible easily from Ernakulam, Aluva, Muvattupuzha and Kolenchery. The central business district, Smart City IT Hub and key shopping/entertainment centers are just a short distance away.

Amenities that redefine the good life

  • Natural Swimming Pool conserved in the traditional style of a temple pond for an exceptional swimming experience
  • Clubhouse with health club, yoga and billiards
  • Natural Potable Water source that has survived through the years
  • Own a piece of paddy field for co-operative farming (organic)
  • Own a piece of vegetable patch
  • Fish pond as a common amenity
  • Large, green open spaces for relaxation

Hassle Free Ownership

We believe that we are not just selling houses, we are helping translate dreams into reality. That is why we have a hassle-free and transparent buying process. Our trusted legal advisors and fool-proof documentation methods has helped us make sure that the process of owning a home is absolutely seamless.

You can be assured of:

  • Valid paper work and documentation
  • Complete compliance to guidelines
  • On-time project competition
  • Sensitive, respectful treatment of nature and resources